We are proud to release the first full range collection from OnePiece. Everything is now available in our webshop and in all our concept stores. The collection s designed together with designers who have worked with brands like Acne and Tommy Hilfiger.

Our idea has always been to combine fashion and comfort. Our newest collection has been developed by our in-house designers together with swedish freelancers who have worked with fashion brands like Acne & Tommy Hilfiger.

If you are the kind of person who puts off doing things to the last minute, and when the last minutes comes, decides it wasn’t all that important anyway and forgets about it. If you are the kind of person who procrastinates so hard that they do the work the morning before it’s due, if they do it at all. Are you the kind of person who loves fashion and wants something comfortable to slack around in, well then YOU are our man, and WE are your brand!

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